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Die Choking



Back in the 1970's, my dad took a photograph of a cemetery with a nuclear power plant lurking in the background. In 2013, I took two of those original photographs and mashed them up. Later, that image was used for the Die Choking album art and was edited by Jeffery V. Daniels. If you're into fast grind, check out their debut album here.



These three pieces are still available through Arch Enemy ArtsCollectively, they are "The Story of the Hunter - parts I-III" and are named from left to right in this order:

"Clarity: The Story of the Hunter - part I" ($75)

"Serenity: The Story of the Hunter - part III" ($125)

"Catharsis: The Story of the Hunter - part II" ($75)

They collectively tell the story of an alcoholic hunter who uses hunting as a means of "escape" while brutally hurting animals and deserting his family. As he lines up a deer in the sights of his bow, he has a moment of clarity and recognizes the harm he has done to the people around him and the animals he's killed. As he watches the deer walk away, he turns his bow on himself and dies alone in the forest.

More information is available here.

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