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A Winter Solstice Celebration

To celebrate the solstice I have decided to do a special offer within the current sale.  I recently collaborated with Chris Reject, who runs LVAC Printing, on a limited edition t-shirt for the LVAC Artist Series.

For a very limited time (it'll stand until they are all gone) if you buy two or more items in my store, I'll send you a shirt and some other fun stuff for free.  When you check out, just put your size in the special instuctions box.




To purchase a shirt without buying art, you can go to the Square of Opposition store.  There, you'll also find an extremely rare photograph of me wearing an article of clothing that isn't black.


The Ides of December



Last night was the first showing of "Skull Style: Skulls in Contemporary Art and Culture" in New York City.  The book looks phenomenal and my section came out great.  The other artists in this book are incredible and it's awesome to have the work I do printed amongst theirs.  Again, please check the book out here.

When I got home from the opening, I was happy to find a package from Anti Denim waiting for me.  Everything is of a very high quality; they look and feel great.  I don't know how I feel about wearing my own design, but the way the shirts feel make me say "fuck it!"  Support Anti Denim.


This month has kept me busy.  Look out for the LVAC x Dylan XVX collaboration shirt coming soon and a few other things.  Also, thank you to everyone that has bought prints and things- I shipped all of your tubes out today.  Thank you again!





The Winter Solstice Sale

Because the soltice is near and many holidays surround it, I have decided to update my store with a new item and put everything on sale.  For a short time, I have a few prints selling at 50% off, while all of the others are at least 35% off.  Prints are extremely limited and once they are sold, I won't be re-editioning them.




In time for winter, is the release of the book "Skull Style: Skulls in Contemporary Art and Culture" that my work is being featured in along side artists like Andy Warhol, Jean Michel-Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Alexander McQueen, Ron English, etc. 

Also this month, shirts with my design for Anti-Sweden go on sale.  I just heard that the shirts have been printed and are available for purchase on the Anti-Sweden site!






Keep moving.

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the Anti Sweden design competition.  Because of your support, I am the winner of the (extremely close) competition and my design will soon be printed through Anti Sweden.  Right now you can pre-order the shirt, as well as some others here.  The shirts are scheduled to be printed and shipped in December, along with the release of the book, "Skull Style: Skulls in Contemporary Art and Culture".  The book features some amazing artists, as well as some of my prints and an interview about my thoughts on the use of skulls in contemporary art and design.



If you find yourself in the Lehigh Valley, drop by Apotheca Salon and Boutique to see their new window display I put together for them.  And while you're in the neighborhood, you can go pick up your favorite new Halloween shirt at Homebase Skateshop designed by yours truly.



Needless to say, I've been keeping busy.






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