Children of Yuletide

A few months ago, Michael Bukowski asked me if I would be interested in participating in an art exhibition of pieces inspired by pagan and non-Abrahamic winter festivals and traditions.  Hell yeah, I was interested.


"Moon Over Gävle"

(Yule goat, Sweden)

Ashes, ashes of a burnt church, chalk-lead and ink on cotton rag paper

16x20", framed


For purchasing information, contact Michael Bukowski or Grindcore House in Philadelphia at


Scandinavian celebrations involving the Yule goat may predate Christian traditions. One theory about the Yule goat's origin is a reference to Thor's chariot that was drawn by two goats across the sky. In more recent years, some towns will build a large Yule goat, which is often illegally set on fire. "Moon Over Gävle" exhibits my favorite combination of pagan origin and modern tradition.


Nearing the end of October...

I had the pleasure of working with La Muerta Clothing earlier this year and absolutely love what they are doing.  Just last week, La Muerta took the time to ask me a few questions to kick off their interview series, "Last Words".  "Last Words" asks questions like, "how do you want to go out?" and "What would your tombstone say?"  Needless to say, it was an incredibly fun interview and I hope you take the time to read it here!

There is also an art contest that goes along with my interview!  Being that nature plays such an important role in my life and art, I am asking participants to create their own work inspired by nature.  After the 28th of October, I will be selecting a winner to receive a whole bunch of fun stuff from La Muerta Clothing!  Check it out!!!





If you are in San Diego, CA, check out "Turn From the Light" in "Horror Business" at Left Hand Black Tattoo before November 2nd.  "Turn From the Light" features found bones and imagery that combines concepts of occultism with natural phenomena.  Click here to purchase this piece!


"Under the Willows" is currently showing at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, PA as part of "The Midnight Society" until the evening of Halloween.  When I was young, my father would tell me stories about ghosts living under willow trees and later, I was introduced to the writings of Algernon Blackwood through his story, "The Willows".  Over the years, willow trees have become a personal metaphor for the thin veil between the living and the dead, the natural and the supernatural, and the connection humans have to the natural world.  If you are interested in purchasing "Under the Willows", email!



"Among the Moss" will be featured in the upcoming exhibition, "Monsters Among Us", which opens this Saturday, October 26th at Gristle Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Get your favorite costume on, and come say hello!  "Among the Moss" is just one out of three pieces that will be shown in "Monsters Among Us".  To see the other two, you'll have to attend the opening!  To purchase this piece, email or visit the shop in Brooklyn!



On November 4th, come out to Eskandalo in Bethlehem, PA, for a fun show of screenprints and posters by myself and three other talented artists.  More info to come!


On November 15th, join me at Grindcore House in Philadelphia, PA for a pagan celebration with some of my favorite artists.  I, as well as a number of incredibly talented artists will have work featured in "Children of Yuletide"!  More information and process photographs to come!




Thank you for reading, looking, and supporting.


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The Dark Days Are Here

"Under the Willows"

Ashes, chalk lead and ink

18x24", framed


Thank you to everyone that came out last friday evening to the opening of "The Midnight Society" at Arch Enemy Arts in Philly!  If you couldnt make the opening, check out the show as soon as you can; it's great!  For purchasing info regarding "Under the Willows", contact Arch Enemy Arts at!




"Blood of the Goat" will only be at Skylight Gallery for another week!  For purchasing information, contact Samantha at!





October 26th - "Monsters Among Us" at Gristle Tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

November 2nd - A split poster/print show at Eskandalo in Bethlehem, PA

November 15th - "Children of Yuletide" at Grindcore House in Philadelphia


"Seven Truths" screenprinted variant edition now available!

"Seven Truths"
Screenprint on black cotton rag paper. 11x14"
Signed and numbered edition of 3
Light grey ink with the ashes of a burnt church mixed into the ink
Hand-embellished with gold liquid gilding



Post this print on Instagram after purchasing and receive a secret prize. Make sure to tag @dylanxvx and #seventruths