A long couple of weeks..

Things have been pretty wild since the last time I wrote anything.  I was sick for a bit, which wasn't very fun, and feeling that shitty would make anyone less motivated.  In the next week I'll be printing up some pretty rad shirts for New Miseries which I'm excited about.  The shirts are going to be black, printed using discharge ink, and will be sold at shows- so check 'em out and go apeshit. 


I've also been getting a lot of requests to edition "The Eyes of Man are Never Satisfied" as a screen print..  I decided tonight that I'm going to go along with that idea as soon as I'm finished with the other projects I've started.  Speaking of prints, I recently received "Faun" from Justin Kamerer.  If you haven't heard of Angryblue, you need to go check it out.  His work is really rad, his prints are high quality, and he never sends you JUST what you ordered..  There are always surprises, stickers, smaller prints, etc.


Last week I got a call from my mom and she sounded slightly more excited than usual.  I asked her what was up and she said she found something that I'd probably want- all of the baby teeth that fell out of my head, as well as my brothers.  Fuck yeah.  I'm happy to say that I now have over 40 teeth in my collection- easily.





Sometimes I try breathing underwater.

I've been sick for the last few days with a vicious cold.  My throat is raw, my voice is six times lower, and all I want to do is lay in bed.  Whenever you catch one of these types of things you realize that waking up the next morning is going to be absolute hell.  Which is exactly why I slept right through the morning and didn't wake up until this afternoon.

Trying to fall asleep at night can sometimes be even harder than waking up.  While not working on sketches and drawings for the series I've started, I've been doing some quick watercolor and ink drawings in a small notebook.  It's been keeping my brain from flatlining.

Aside from the things I'm working on for myself, I've also been keeping busy working on some things for other people.  I've been talking to Diego about the art for his new band, Indian Burials, some more and he seems as excited as I am.  And it looks like there might be some show posters and shirt printing in my future.  And maybe a print collaboration in the works?  Fuckin' aye.  All of these things mean more time in my studio.  I'm excited.

Today I hung out at Steel City with my friend, and fellow artist on I Want Your Skull, John Bicknell.  I set up a contraption for cutting down some prints he just got back and I can't wait to officially get my hands on one.  If you haven't seen his tattoos or his art, you should.  Check out his store and shred some gnar with the rad guitar picks he had printed up.  Rumor has it you're not metal unless you have one.

Another project I might be taking on, along with the million other things I've started for myself and others, is printing up some shirts for New Miseries.  I've known 2/5 of this band for fucking years and although sometimes I want to punch them in the face, I love 'em to death.  And their band.





Snowed in.

Tonight I find myself at home, snowed in.   The snow offers me something positive that most things can’t- and that’s focus.  Most days, I have a hard time sitting still and concentrating, but when it’s this bitter outside, all I want to do is keep warm and stay busy.  So that’s what I’m doing.


I started putting some color to a piece I did a few months back, and although it’s coming along slowly, I like where it’s heading.  In between working on the piece and taking short breaks, I started playing with some alphabet stamps I received as a gift a month or so ago.  I knew they were really cool, but I didn’t realize how much I would love them.


Lately, I’ve been getting into reading a lot of different blogs and found a few that I’m in love with.  One blog I used to read a few months back, and revisited again recently, is Blood Milk.  Not only is the blog great, but her jewelry is absolutely awesome.  I believe I’ll be buying some soon.



The past few days I’ve been thinking less about making prints and more about painting.  I started doing some sketches of a series I’m going to be working on, and they told me they need to be made with more immediacy.  I’m listening.






It's fuckin' cold outside..

This morning I go into work and the first customer I deal with is this older guy that seems too peppy to be sober.  Especially for that time of the morning.  He starts asking me what my name is, where I live, if I'm from the area..  About halfway through, I become much less cooperative and start questioning this dude's intentions.  After a few minutes, he unveils that he is the new pastor for the multi-million dollar church being built a few miles from where I live and invites me to take a visit.  Needless to say, I'm less than thrilled.  He then asks me if I hunt and tells me that a few years ago he fell out of a tree stand while hunting and it was the "Grace of God" that saved him.  I would have guessed that a fresh blanket of snow was to blame for his survival.  Which leads me to the thought of the day: Fuck snow. Oh, and maybe this:   


Anyway.  To keep my blood pumping through these freezing fucking times, I've been listening to some Melotov Records releases.  Melotov Records is a punk/hardcore label from California that's put out some really rad bands like Deadhead, Cathedrals, Charged, Calculator, etc. etc.  A few months back, Mel asked me to design a new logo for her label that could also be used for a shirt design eventually.  I was stoked to get working on it.  If you wanna hear some cool stuff, pick up an album or two from her site. (I'm a pretty big fan of Deadhead.)


While being somewhat on the topic of feeling warm and fuzzy, my brother has a charity based hat company called Give Headwear.  He's got hats in a whole bunch of colors to keep your ears warm, your hair matted, and your friends thinking you're the baddest ass out there.  Check 'em out at and you can follow him and his company on Twitter at


Support the people you love and care about.  If someone is doing something you can get behind, do as much as you can to help them be successful, especially if you already are.


Get fucked. RVN AMVK.


The Weather in Brooklyn..

I spent yesterday with wet shoes, wet socks, and my pants rolled up above my ankles because I stepped in a puddle that swallowed my leg up to my calf.  Today was a new day.  Moving on.


Talking about yesterday, relaxing after today, and dreading waking up tomorrow leaves me no option but to quote an author of many books I have on my 'shelf:


“Don't do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts.”


I can hate like nobody's business and I'd like to think that I can love just as unconditionally as I can hate.  Tomorrow I'll be in my studio working all day, assuming I'm able to get out of bed.  Fuck January.


For the past couple of weeks I've been going through boxes and boxes of shit, trying to figure out what I can recycle, sell, use, or let rot in a landfill somewhere.  Lucky for you, I have a stack of prints that I'd love for you to hang on the wall of your bathroom next to your high school diploma.  So right now, if you go to my store and buy one of the prints I have up, I'll throw another one in the tube before I send it off.  If you buy the "Burn 'Em All" print, I'll give you a second print and a smaller, third one for free.  In a few weeks I'll be getting a flatfile in my place and I'd rather not fill it with the ghosts of art schools past.


On a side note, here is a watercolor/study I did for a new edition I'm going to be printing soon- "The Eyes of Man Are Never Satisfied".  This edition may turn into a series of prints with a similar name.  As soon as the transparencies are finished and everything is printed I'll be posting them here and throwing them up on my store.

While working on this I'll be figuring out some sketches for my friend Diego's new musical project, Indian Burials.  I'm really excited to be doing some work for him finally and I hope he's excited that I'm doing it.  If you have a few minutes, check out his site and listen to his bands (I keep an Armed Metropolis pin on my pants everyday.  You should, too.)  You can and should check it all out at:



Get happy, stay angry, rvn amvk!