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The Eyes of Man are Never Satisfied.



"The Eyes of Man are Never Satisfied"

18" x 24" giclee on 320gsm cotton rag paper

Signed and numbered edition of 25 / $40 (shipping included in US)

*Frame not included. 

This print is finally available thanks to Matt Verges at P&L Printing in Denver, CO.
After adding my new print to your collection, check out Matt's work. 



At this time, I am unable to take on more commissions.

If we have been talking, you will be receiving mail soon with your finished designs/prints.



 Been working on a lot lately.  Between my two jobs, I worked close to 65 hours last week and still felt the need to get some art made/finished/started.


This is one of three watercolor/ink drawings I did for Metalifestyle.  The other two were pretty straight-forward and I wanted to do something more gnarly for the site.


Right now I'm working on a shirt design for the band A Long Time Dead from London.  When I first checked them out they immediately reminded me of Gather and I was more than happy to get working.  Will be posting that as soon as I finish the transparency, shoot the screen, and print up a couple.  Maybe I'll do something fun with a few of the extra posters..!/pages/A-Long-Time-Dead/341765210187?sk=info


Aside from that, I have about four other projects that are in almost every stage of completion.  A book publication (will be posting more about that soon,) a tribute art/print show to the great director Sidney Lumet that is being curated by Jay Shaw, aka Iron Jaiden (if you haven't seen his work, just look up his print for The Shining,) and a few pieces of art for myself that will involve a combination of painting, drawing, and most likely paper sculpture.


In the next month or two, look out for EGG NOG, a zine by Sean Jude Elsasser.  Sean has been a dear friend of mine for close to ten years now and is one of the raddest guys I know.  (Though I rarely admit it to him or anyone else.)  I'll be drawing the cover for his September issue, but I'll post information on how to get your hands on August's issue as soon as I know it's finished.  Between now and then, grab your skateboard, download his band, KIDS, and go wild.


More art/less sleep.  RVN AMVK.


Go Skateboarding.

In case you didn't know, today is officially Go Skateboarding Day.  In honor of today, and thanks to Kayleigh Ingalls, (who stumbled on my site and sent me skate videos) I found out about Barrier Kult.  If you don't know anything about them, look 'em up and find out why they're rad enough for me to want to start skating again.  There are only a few things in life that I truly get excited about- BA.KU. is definitely one of them.  Specifically, check out Deer Man of Dark Woods and see why I support it.

Skateboarding, animal rights, Satan.


This weekend I spent way too much money on some supplies to start working on two or three larger pieces..  I'll post photos of the progress, as well as a few other things I've been meaning to photograph, send out, get approval on, and post.  Soon enough.




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