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Children of Yuletide

A few months ago, Michael Bukowski asked me if I would be interested in participating in an art exhibition of pieces inspired by pagan and non-Abrahamic winter festivals and traditions.  Hell yeah, I was interested.


"Moon Over Gävle"

(Yule goat, Sweden)

Ashes, ashes of a burnt church, chalk-lead and ink on cotton rag paper

16x20", framed


For purchasing information, contact Michael Bukowski or Grindcore House in Philadelphia at info@grindcorehouse.com


Scandinavian celebrations involving the Yule goat may predate Christian traditions. One theory about the Yule goat's origin is a reference to Thor's chariot that was drawn by two goats across the sky. In more recent years, some towns will build a large Yule goat, which is often illegally set on fire. "Moon Over Gävle" exhibits my favorite combination of pagan origin and modern tradition.

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