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Sometimes I try breathing underwater.

I've been sick for the last few days with a vicious cold.  My throat is raw, my voice is six times lower, and all I want to do is lay in bed.  Whenever you catch one of these types of things you realize that waking up the next morning is going to be absolute hell.  Which is exactly why I slept right through the morning and didn't wake up until this afternoon.

Trying to fall asleep at night can sometimes be even harder than waking up.  While not working on sketches and drawings for the series I've started, I've been doing some quick watercolor and ink drawings in a small notebook.  It's been keeping my brain from flatlining.

Aside from the things I'm working on for myself, I've also been keeping busy working on some things for other people.  I've been talking to Diego about the art for his new band, Indian Burials, some more and he seems as excited as I am.  And it looks like there might be some show posters and shirt printing in my future.  And maybe a print collaboration in the works?  Fuckin' aye.  All of these things mean more time in my studio.  I'm excited.

Today I hung out at Steel City with my friend, and fellow artist on I Want Your Skull, John Bicknell.  I set up a contraption for cutting down some prints he just got back and I can't wait to officially get my hands on one.  If you haven't seen his tattoos or his art, you should.  Check out his store and shred some gnar with the rad guitar picks he had printed up.  Rumor has it you're not metal unless you have one.

Another project I might be taking on, along with the million other things I've started for myself and others, is printing up some shirts for New Miseries.  I've known 2/5 of this band for fucking years and although sometimes I want to punch them in the face, I love 'em to death.  And their band.




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